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User manuals for our mini collimators.

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Reflex mini sight compact

A slimmed-down version of the popular RMS mini-collimator, also suitable for single stack weapons (e.g. Glock 43, 1911 and Smith&Wesson Shield).

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Reflex mini sight

RMS mini collimators, made of aerospace-grade aluminum. Tough enough to withstand the harshest recoil. It has super fast automatic brightness adjustment – it automatically adapts to the surrounding world. The battery can be replaced without disassembly.

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Reflex mini sight 2

The RMS2 is made of strong aerospace-grade aluminum. Its stunning low profile design makes it an ideal optic for any custom pistol build.

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Reflex mini sight waterproof

RMSw is designed to resist damage from water or other harsh weather conditions. Properly mounted on the gun, it will remain waterproof at depths of up to 20 meters for more than 30 minutes.

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Reflex mini sight X

RMSx with the largest lens in our offer so far – the lens is 80% larger, made of acrylic with hardened surface treatment. The larger lens allows for even faster aiming and shooting.

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Shield mini sight compact

An improved version of the SMS collimator. Solid polymer compact mini collimator suitable for single stack pistols and smaller weapons.

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Shield mini sight

The original, smallest, lightest, most durable mini day/night sight for all military, police and sport shooting handguns.

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Shield mini sight 2

The SMS2 is made of glass-filled nylon polymer and the lens has a new hard SiO2 Quartz coating for exceptional resistance to the wear and tear of everyday shooting.

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Switchable interface sight

4 sights in 1
Shield have taken the incredible performance and strength of their military-proven red dot sight the CQB/CQS and made it even better. The fantastic performance, weight, and durability have been given an extra dimension by the added convenience of 4 switchable reticules and brightness adjustment settings via the touch of a button.